(Photography by Jae Hwan Lim)

Posters and Social Media Posts for
Humans of North Korea

Humans of North Korea (HNK) is a social practice group that advocates for North Korean defectors in the United States. Through various activities such as art exhibitions, social media presence, workshops, tutoring, etc., HNK's mission is to educate the public about global citizenship through the lenses of the intricate identities shaped by the socio-political history of the Korean heritage.

I was responsible for creating promotional posters and social media posts for HNK's events. As a Korean American designer, this enriching experience led me to produce designs rooted heavily in research on symbolism and propaganda used in Korean-U.S. modern history.

To learn more about HNK, visit the website ︎︎︎here.

(Photography by Jae Hwan Lim)

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